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Can Anyone do a VULGAR English to Spanish Translation?

Asked by Lovelocke (1609points) July 27th, 2009

If anyone speaks spanish (that is, naturally… not someone who’s going to copy and paste this into babel fish or something), I could use your hand: In my script one character’s muttering to herself some trash talking about her brother… y’know, that hot-headed latina type stuff some of us have had the misfortune of experiencing.

It doesn’t have to be a word-for-word translation, but something that sounds like this would be great:

“God d——-, what the f—- are you waiting for, man?”

Other variants that would also work:

“Come on, G—D——-! What’s the f——ing hold up?”

“What the f—- is going on, man? Hurry your dumba—up!”

“Jesus Christ, what the f—- are you thinking, man? Hurry up, hurry up!”

I tried doing the internet translations, but none of them sound correct/natural enough. Please help! I’m stuck on a line for this script… thank you :)

PS: It’d probably be best to Private Message those to me… heh

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Chingado, apurate cabron!!
Porque tardas tanto estupido?! apurate!!
Like that?

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Chingada madre, que putas estas esperando?!


A la gran puta, que chingados esperas?!


Que putas te pasa, muevete ya cabron!

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@kheredia Lurve the last one :)

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@kheredia Your welcome =]

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@Lovelocke sorry, i didn’t read the last part of your question.. hope its not too vulgar for you.

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Apparently its getting good feedback (that last one)... what’s that translate to? Kind of wonky with online translation

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Well it’s not an exact translation but its something along the line of…

What the fuck is wrong with you, move dumb ass!

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You will want to substitute jodido/jodida for chingado/chingada if your characters are speaking any Spanish dialect other than Mexican-Spanish.

Another good vulgarismo you can use is fregado. It literally means scrubbed but when used in slang it is a adjective vulgarism akin to fucking or goddamn.
(eg- “Vamos a chingar (joder) toda la fregada noche.” = “Let’s fuck all goddamn night long.”)

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I can do a phonetic translation of a very nasty Arabic curse, but I suppose using it among Arabs is a good way to be killed. It is also very nasty in English and a good way for English speakers to want to kill you as well, just so no one thinks I am stereotyping Arabic speaking people as violent.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra can you type it in phonetic arabic, or do you know it in arabic script?

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diois mio en la manana! pinche cabrona, muevete!

the great thing about spanish and swearing is it is done different wherever spanish is used! dios mio en la manana is something I have heard and is a little different and fun.

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