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Do you ever argue about the music on the radio?

Asked by reijinni (6863points) July 28th, 2009

Didn’t like the station? Can’t stand the ‘music’?

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I usually don’t listen to the radio. It’s either cd’s or an Ipod hooked up to my car.

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Consolidations within the radio broadcasting business (i.e., Clear Channel) has resulted in very controlling programming but unfortunately radio probably remains the method from which most people are introduced to new music. Thus, I try to avoid it, but in its presence I usually curse it (it doesn’t normally respond so no argument ensues).

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@whatthefluther: I meant with your passengers.

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I argue with my mom for the car radio, I want to listen to some classic hard rock but no, the woman wants pop.

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What is this “radio” you speak of? I think I saw one in a museum once.

:: turns up iPod ::

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Usually my husband and I are both sick of whats on the radio. My radio is broken, and gets stuck on one station. Drives us nuts.

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No, whoever’s driving gets to choose the tunes.

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Sometimes when me and my family are in the car,my dad turns on some classical and slow music and me and my little brother argue about the song and then my dad turns the rock music back on =]

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Nope. Like @Noel_S_Leitmotiv , in our family, the driver gets the choice of what’s on the radio. Generally, though, we have an iPod for our music.

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@reijinni….Ooops, that’s different. If in my van, you can play any of the nearly 7000 songs on the attached iPod without argument from me (because they were all hand selected by me and sound wonderful on my nearly 3000 watts of audio equipment….bring your own ear plugs)!

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