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How do you get over a bad dream?

Asked by Thujone (76points) July 28th, 2009

My dreams have taken a turn for the worse lately [possibly because of stress from school], and the really bad ones haunt me for days on end. Since school stress isn’t going to go away any time soon, I’m hoping to at least cope better with my strange nightmares [the latest one was a secret society + cannibalism + plagiarism + timed exams. Bizarre!]

So what do you guys do when you need to forget a bad dream…?

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Oh my god! When I wake up and realize the bad dream isn’t reality, that’s enough for me!!! The realization that everything horrible I thought was happening isn’t actually happening is rewarding enough for me to get over it.

Of course, I may be speaking from too much experience. Ever since I was about 2 years old, I have had approximately three dreams per week during which I am about to get murdered (always in a different manner / different circumstance / different killer), too. So maybe I’m just desensitized, but I’m sure glad when I wake up in the safety of my bed, next to my boyfriend. :)

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This sounds really odd. But I make sure I totally wake up. And I purposely go back in with the intent of trying to get back into that dream with the “bring it on, this is bullshit” mentality.

I approach it with the idea that I control the world.

That has always worked for me.

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Bad dreams are caused by the way we live our waking lives.
According to the dream elements you described it sounds like a lot of pressure on you at school. Perhaps an outlet for this stress like exercise would be helpful so you don’t carry this pressure to bed with you.

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I was told once that I could change my dreams. And I can. Sounds hokey I know but once you do it it’s quite effective. I used to have recurring nightmares about drowning. I changed it by being able to breath under water. Now I don’t have that dream anymore! It’s not an exact science, and I have no clue how to do it, but it is possible and it does work!

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Think of happy thoughts before going to bed helps.

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If it’s still nighttime, I just go back to sleep because I’m usually too afraid to get up and do anything that would make me feel better. (I fall asleep very easily, hence why I’m able to fall asleep despite being too freaked out to get out of bed!) If it’s the morning, I put on a really cheerful music playlist while I’m getting ready for work. It really puts me in a good mental mood and I get out of that bad nightmare mindset pretty fast.

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I generally can’t either…they affect me all day…and even for days afterwards…if they are really bad…

but you could try analysing the dreams to find out what it is trying to tell you and maybe you will find some resolve… this is the only thing I try to do…but it tends to exacerbate the problem tbh Sorry I’m not much help!! :-(

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It may be enough just to write out the dream on a piece of paper, read it over while telling yourself that these were only images like in a movie and that they cannot hurt you, and then tear it up and throw it away. Stress-inspired nightmares are the worst, but I agree with lynneblundell—spending too much time analyzing them can just lead to more anxiety.

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Thanks, guys. I really appreciate your help. Sweet dreams for everybody!

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When you find the answer for this question, please let me know. After 40 years I still have nightmares now and again about Vietnam.

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I believe that reoccurring dreams are happening because there is something that is not addressed in your waking life?
Program youself ( sub conscious) to replay these dreams but with out symbolisim.
That is to be played out more clearly in your subconscious.
After awhile you will obtain a better clarifying dream.
You can also program to solve any problem…just takes time.
Even program before you go to sleep that you will have a very soothing dream/sleep etc

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