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Comcast DVR recording repeats when I only want new episodes

Asked by thomrkelley (11points) July 28th, 2009 from IM

I have set series recording details to only record new episodes, but the DVR records all episodes including repeats.

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Check the guide information for the show if the show doesn’t show as repeat or new then it will record regardless of your settings. I had this issue when I had comcast and it was very annoying.

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I received this from Comcast Online Tech Support Chat:
“We are aware that the First Run option will in some cases, record repeat episodes. When you set your DVR to record a series using the First Run option, your DVR it relies on a flag provided by the programmer to designate an episode as a repeat or a new episode. If the episodes do not contain a flag, the DVR will record all episodes of that show. We are working with TV Guide Interactive services and our programming partners to provide flags for all first run programs. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

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Great, it’s nice to get an official confirmation. I just figured that was the issue and lived with it. :) Thanks for the update!

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