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What is the fastest way to convert a video to ipod format?

Asked by drpoop (83points) July 28th, 2009

i have an assortment of videos that i want to put on my ipod, what would be the fastest way to do that? they are .avi .mkv .mpeg .mp4 etc…

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I have always found success using magic video converter.
very good app that always has given me great results. I have never really had audio sync issues ether with the app. Give that a shot.

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The easiest and fastest way I have found is with a program called HandBrake. It runs on Apple or Windows based computers. It allows you to select the device to use rather than the format.

Video encoding is resource intensive and will only go as fast as your computer. Dual and quad core processors will be quite a bit faster so if you have the choice, use the computer that has more power.

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Don’t mess around with all those converters. If you can do wityhout, don’t install them, way to advanced for the purpose too.

You can do it within quicktime!

If the format you want to play in quicktime isn’t supported, check this:

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Use quicktime.

Or just use iTunes.
“convert for ipod” “convert for iPhone”
it’s apple’s preset, and it’s loaded into your library and synched to your ipod all at once.

handy tip on getting all kinds of formats of videos IN iTunes:
make a reference movie of an AVI. import that *.mov file into itunes. you only changed the container this way. When iTunes converts the file.. it grags the original AVI and converts its to ipod format

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This is an online converter so you don’t have to download any programs.
It covers a bunch of different formats too.

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