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How can I stop my cat from bringing me frogs?

Asked by MikeyLB (3points) July 28th, 2009

My cat goes out in the garden via a cat flap during the day ane frequently brings back live frogs. I there a way to stop him doing this?

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Not really. You can start to keep your cat indoors except when directly supervised by you, or you could try to figure out where the cat is getting the frogs and make it impossible for him to get to them. Otherwise, cats are hunters and they will hunt. Obviously your cat is attached to you or he wouldn’t bother to bring the frogs back to you.

You really can’t stop a cat from hunting. If there is nothing else he will hunt dustballs.

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Your cat is a hunter by nature. He likes to let the frogs go in the house so he can hunt them over again. About all you can do is lock the cat door so he can’t get in to let his prey go. With our cat, it was birds.

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Nope, it’s a natural behavior. Cats are predators. Keeping him inside is the best way to protect the area wildlife. (You can try bells on the collar, but I have found that it doesn’t really help.)

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Maybe you could get rubber frogs that look real. They are out there on the web, then the kitty will think you are keeping the ones he got for you. He might even start playing with the fake ones.

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Feed the cat the frogs , FREE food

The only thing you can do is keep the cat indoors .

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I think PetsMart carries a variety of Frog/Toad collars that will have your cat amphibian free in as little as three days.

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Put a bell on the cat.

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Why would you want to stop your cat from bringing you frogs? Lick them and be grateful.

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I was gonna write that you should put the butter and garlic back into the fridge….but that’s not very helpful now is it!!

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