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Audio tagger that "listens" to the music instead of reading the filename?

Asked by tullbejm (190points) July 28th, 2009

Somehow my roommate deleted all of my mp3 tags. They now all blank and the filenames are all “Unkown.” Is there an audio tagger that actually “listens” to the music instead of relying on available information already provided? I do NOT want to go through every song I have and manually type its name and album. Please HELP!!!

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If you use iTunes, try a utility called TuneUp. It does what you asked for, an also retrieves cover art.

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Musicbrainz Picard I recall does that. Haven’t used it in several years now, it may be called something different now.

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“On top of using available information, like file names, to suggest changes to your tags, Picard also uses AcousticFingerprints of songs to semi-automatically identify songs in your collection.”


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Here’s a link to the TuneUp download free trial.

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The last part of the question should read:

Where can I dispose of my roommates dead body?

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I usually keep the bodies of my victims in my basement, so that I can continue to visit them.

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Winamp has this baked into it.

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