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My treatment ended up costing $3,675. I’m sure a lot of things such as insurance and age may change that price some.

I was around 13 years old or so when I started my treatment. From my knowledge I did not have any insurance or anything else to help with the cost of having braces.

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As of last week, the range for adult orthodontia in Seattle was 5k-6k.

There are other factors that contribute to this, though. The types of braces (clear, Invisalign, or lingual) makes a difference, and how much correction you need is also a big factor. If you have an overbite that requires orthognathic surgery, and your health insurance covers this surgery, great. If not, add another 3k? to the cost.

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About 5,000 including follow-up appointments and one new retainer after I lost one.

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Well, the first time around – they cost my mom about 4,000 at 13 years old. Now I have TMJ, my lower teeth are completely entrapped by the “overbite,” that my orthodontist at 13, “fixed.” The next round of braces is going to cost me 10,000 as I have to have braces for 2–3 years to fix my malocclusion that was (in part) caused by the first braces I had at 13. So, 14,000 +, and years of pain and suffering until you find out you have tmj – if the orthodontist only looks at aesthetics and doesn’t get a neuromuscular dentist into the mix.

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