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Is it safe to travel to Cancun?

Asked by DesertSerenity (4points) July 28th, 2009

I am planning on going to Cancun in March or April 2010. Should I avoid traveling to Mexico because of the swine flu?

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You can get the swine flu anywhere….

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Yes ! Drink plenty of water too !

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I wouldn’t worry about swine flu. It is everywhere.

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don’t drink their water, buy sealed bottles. :)

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I think it is very safe to travel to Cancun. You are in more danger staying home.

UNITED STATES: A neighbour of Mexico, where the A(H1N1) strain of swine flu was first detected, the United States had by mid-July the world’s highest number of confirmed cases — 40,617 — and 263 people had died.
Behind the confirmed cases, authorities believe the true number of flu carriers to be closer to a million. The disease was first recorded in Mexico, where 138 people have died,”

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I went to Cancun when the swine flu had just broke out earlier this year in March during spring break. I didn’t see any dead pigs. Lots of hungover teens though who looked pretty dead on the beach during daylight hours.

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Swine flu is not something to worry about specifically in Mexico. It is pretty much world-wide now.

However, armed conflict can be a problem in parts of Mexico these days. I recommend that you fly rather than going by land. Otherwise, Cancun itself is as safe as any resort is.

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swine flu schwime flu. you’ll probably get sick, but not from that!

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If you are female I would worry more about someone slipping something into your drink than the swine flu. Keep your eye on your drink at all times!

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The swine flu is a very small concern if you follow the normal health rules, wash your hands frequently, don’t share food or drinks with people, drink only bottled water, and pay attention to you surroundings.

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People seem to still be hanging on to old misconceptions about travel to Mexico… especially major tourist attractions. Keep in mind that Cancun has some of the best hotels n earth… highest rates, best service.. cuisine from all over the world… and also the fact that is is ENTIRELY dependent on foregin tourism. The people of Cancun all have a huge stake in maintaining a clean reputation for both security, cleanliness and world-class service. The people are friendly, helpful, courteous and above all extremely security concious. It’s one of the few places on earth that i’ve visited (and i have been to over 50 countries) in which people will go out of their way (locals obviously) to help out tourist… be they drunk frat boys looking for their hotel, drunk ladies looking for safe transportation… or just someone who’s lost and needs directions.

It’s both safe and amazingly beautiful with lots to see and do. Have an awesome time.
And if your budget allows i would strongly recommend the Grand Mayan, Banyan Tree or Mandarin Oriental resorts in Playa del Carmen (5 km outside cancun) for some of the most spectacular views on earth… and some of the best service anywhere hands down.

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If you want it from the horse’s mouth, check out the State Department’s travel warning site. The H1N1 travel advisory has been rescinded.

However, the watch out for violence alert is still in place.

There is also this useful information about how to remain safe and not become a victim in the various major resort areas of Mexico.

All of this is good information and indicates that a trip to Cancun by air will probably be an enjoyable vacation.

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No. you should avoid driving to Mexico because of the criminal element.

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Cancun has its share of crime and other hazards that can make your visit there a nightmare if yo don’t take common sense precautions. An understanding of what to look out for when visiting Cancun will help ensure your visit is safe and memorable for all the right reasons.

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