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Students: What do you use to organize your schedule and notes?

Asked by dpworkin (27045points) July 28th, 2009

Is there any software that you have come to like that manages classroom-related stuff for you such as schedules and assignments?

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I’m not big on organization, by any means, but I once tried out and I actually stuck with that for a while. You might want to try it out.

Other than that, my entire organization scheme consists of a spiral notebook in which I try to keep everything from falling out. ^.^

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I use remember the milk combined with google calendar. Both are free, and they integrate with each other and my desktop apps (Sunbird, etc) just great.

Otherwise, my school uses blackboard, but I don’t know if that counts :P

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I use Google Calendar for scheduling and Evernote for notes, images, and lecture recordings (the Premium version is well worth it).

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I love the website and it’s free!

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I use iCal. I put in all my classes in different colors (so they’re technically different “calendars” but I see them all at once) and also have a calendar for extra-curriculars, lab work, etc. l I just put assignments in the To-Do items on the side, you can put due dates on them and they’ll auto-sort by when they’re due.

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I use the “revised Autofocus” method described here to keep track of work assignments and general tasks. I use a marble covered composition notebook for this.

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I actually use a program called xPad on my Mac. It’s a very lightweight notepad/task manager. Once your done with something you can delete it or cross it out.

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For my class schedule, I just use Google Calendar, which is linked to Thunderbird on my computer and the Google Calendar app on my Android phone. So I can view it, edit it, and get alerts from just about anywhere.

In terms of notes, I use the Evernote desktop client on my computer and its mobile webapp on my phone. If I just need notes to refer to on my phone, I usually use one of the notepad apps, such as AK Notepad or Note Everything.

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Evernote is the best for note taking. It even recognizes text from pictures and scans, also indexes handwriting (just don’t write in cursive), search is the best.

I use Google Calendar for appointments.

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Im on a mac, and I just use ical to completely organise me to organise my notes….well I just chuck them in a corner of my desk!

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Do you use Mac or PC? Because Schoolhouse is great for tracking stuff, and Notebook is an awesome notetaking app for lectures, etc. Other than that, though, I like Taskpaper or Scrivener for todos and research papers…

Onenote is great on PC, though.

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I use a PC. I have heard that Schoolhouse is nice, but it won’t run on x86.

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The recent update fixed the bug with leopard, if that’s what you’re talking about, but I believe it will run on x86. It has for me, at least.

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Honestly. I do not know how I would’ve survived OneNote. It’s part of the Office Suite, but it’s…seriously, amazing. I use it for work now, and people keep asking me how I keep track of everything, and I attribute it to OneNote.

OneNote is GREAT b/c it’s like your office supply store—you create notebooks, folders in your notebooks, tabs in your folders, pages in your tabs, sub-pages in your pages, random stickies. You can highlight, you can mark things as important or to do, or as a follow up question. And then, you can collect all of your “important” flags in a class “folder” or keep track of definitions etc. etc.

You can import PDF’s and scribble notes on them. It’s incredibly intuitive when it comes to outlining and taking notes with regards to arranging the bullet points and re-arranging bullet points (super hard to do naturally in Word). You’ve got the SEARCH function!!

You can draw pictures in it super easily. When you copy-paste from a website, it’ll automatically insert the hyperlink as a source for you.

Anywho, I wish I were being paid by Microsoft to say all this, but it’s one of the most un-heard of Microsoft apps. Granted, Amazon says it’s about $30 for the 2003 edition (2007 is great, but you got pretty much most of the functionality you need with 2003—except for creating tables intuitively, damnit).

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I like to use an app called JC Sticky Deluxe. It’s something you can download to Yahoo Widgets (both are free). And I really love it. You can change the transparency of each little window and can also choose fonts for each one (you’ll need to use it to figure out all the tiny stuff you can do with it).

Here’s a screenshot to show you what it’s like.

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