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Headphone socket only connect to one channel?

Asked by peltier_cooler (8points) July 28th, 2009

I have two different model Sansa mp3 players that have the same problem: both do not play one channel. By putting a little pressure in one direction on the stem of the headphone jack, I can get the unheard channel going. I conclude from this experiment that the socket connection farthest in is bent just enough to prevent good contact with the tip of the jack.
Can anyone suggest a remedy for this problem? I can’t replace the socket (very tiny, and probably integrally molded to the case in a cheap manufacturing scheme). I tried using a dental pick to bend the contact, but this was fruitless (can’t see it in that tiny socket, and can’t find it by feeling around. My lockpick fu is very weak).

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It’s strange that the same problem is happening on two different mp3 players. Did you try using a different set of headphones/earbuds, to see if the problem persists?

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It’s a bit of a hack, but you might try melting some solder onto your headphone jack? A thin layer will increase the size slightly, maybe enough to make good contact. Just be sure not to accidentally connect the different conductors on the plug, and let it cool fully before you test it.

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ahh i had the same problem, wirth my samsung, the warranty should cover it, otherwise you need to resolder the connection. the connection snapped and only touches when you move it.

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