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Does she flirt with me or what the meaning of this kind of girl behavior?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1911points) July 28th, 2009

I know this girl for one year now. I have asked her out two month ago and she said “no”, so I back off from her. I didn’t talk with her any more from that point. but today she saw me and I wanted to go without she notice me and she stopped me and asked in a nervous why I’m ignoring her, why I don’t say “hello” and it look like she is angry with me. It’s strange, I just thought she don’t won’t anything to do with me and I don’t wont to be in her “friend zone” so I let it go.

Now I have a new girlfriend and this thing really bothers me. What should I do? I like them both, but I can’t understand the meaning of that girl talking to me in a rude way while I just want to go on with my life and forget about her.

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Sounds like you need to explain to her gently that you like her but that you don’t want to be “just friends” – she might not like it but if that’s how you feel then she should know.

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Hi, I did tell her two month ago I like her very much and I asked her out. She said “no”, not a good time it was. I respected that and move one. She know we can’t be just friends, I don’t need more girls in my life.

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Well I’d say she probably wants to be friends and thinks you’re mad at her because you’re ignoring her now. Are you very sure she “knows” you don’t want to be friends?

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I did erase her from mysapce. facebook and messenger. I didn’t won’t to get attached to her. I think it is my way to say her we can’t be friends at all. We don’t meet or talk at all.

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Well, I find that to be kind of harsh. Maybe she does, too, hence her reaction…

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Just try saying to her you can’t bear to stay “just friends”. If she knows then she’ll hear it again, which is no disaster. If she doesn’t know then this will be less rude.

Oh, and even if you’re not even friends, just saying “hi” isn’t that painful, is it?

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She probally doesn’t think of you more than a friend,she probally wants to be your friend a lot and since your ignoring her,she probally wants to hang out or something.
Are you sure your over her?

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It sounds like you didn’t actually tell her you didn’t want to just be friends before you disappeared on her. She’s just mad you couldn’t be bothered to at least give he some notice before you went poof.

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I understand that you don’t just want to be friends, but maybe the complete ignoring of her is a bit much. Do be very clear with her, again, but in a polite way, about not wanting her just as a friend. Also, you need to point out that you have a girlfriend now and it makes you uncomfortable to talk to her.

It really sounds like you are not completely over her, but you need to understand that she is not into you. Even if you don’t want to be in the “friend” zone, that’s the only place you are, with her. She may react poorly to your not wanting to be “just” friends with her because to some, it’s better to be friends, than nothing at all.

The best you can do is be polite, say hi in passing, but keep your distance – if you truly can’t handle just being friends.

good luck to you!

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it sounds like you are sick of that girl and pretty much want enjoy your life with your girl friend. just ignore her and forget it, otherwise you will lose more.

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Tell her that you have a girlfriend that you’re quite happy with, that you’ve moved on, and suggest that she do the same.

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The one thing I get from this situation is that you like her and she was mad that you didn’t say hello… not being rude but I think it really could just be that she was offended that you didn’t say hello to her and walked away… I have been in this situation before and thought toooo far into it… The advice I would give is that if you are with someone that you really love and want to be with let the other girl go… why throw something away for something that could possibly put you back in the place you were before you met your girlfriend… if that made sense…. I hope it all works out for you…

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I guess you are hurt from her turning you down. But you may bump into her now and then and a simple “hello” would suffice. No more than that. If she continues to act weird that is her problem. I don’t why you like her, she’s not adding to your life in anyway.

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She is probably just having fun flirting in a pub environment and she thinks your cute enough to spend some time with and get a couple of free drinks to boot.Does she walk shaking booty,swaying hair back and laughing at everything you say and touching you on the arm?You’re getting tested or taken?But you never know?

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