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What does "curb your dogma" mean?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) July 28th, 2009

Someone wrote that on a discussion board, not in obvious response to any particular post or anyone.

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sounds like a personal problem

or a superpower

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To “curb” something means to put it aside, put it under control, etc.
To be honest I don’t know exactly what dogma is (I know it’s to do with religion, but that’s about it).
Best guess would be, “Shut up about your religion for a minute”.

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It encourages a thoughtful approach to religion, as opposed to automatically accepting everything that you are taught.

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It may be akin to the notices I saw in New York in the sixties: “Curb your dog.” It was many years before I learned that the word was used in the sense of “edge of pavement”, i.e. “Walk your dog on the curb.” You see, I thought it meant to “control your dog.”

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It means don’t attempt to impose your unprovable (e.g. ontological) beliefs on others. Keep it to yourself until you are asked.

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where this site is concerned, probably as per @pdworkin above. dogma, however, is not strictly religious and not necessaily subject to proof, as in political dogma. generally, dogma is an established belief or doctrine.

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Politics as a topic for discussion is generally not subject to objective proof.

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I’ll add on to Sarcasm’s answer.

Dogma is a term used to describe your (usually religious) doctrine… that set of facts that you consider to be absolutely, irrevocably true, even in the face of evidence that proves it false, or in the absence of evidence that backs it up.

Context has a lot to do with what it specifically meant in your case, but someone probably got tired of arguing. (For example, we could argue about Mac vs. Windows vs. Linux all day, but there’s zero definitive proof either way, so one side might tell another to “curb their dogma,” or basically to stop trying to argue things they can’t prove.)

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Get your dogma off of my catma!

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@bea2345 – A small point, but “Curb your Dog” does not mean walk your dog on the edge of the pavement or even really keep your dog under control. Rather it means pick up any fecal matter your dog produces when you are out walking it.

eHow even has an article about how to do it.

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@Darwin eHow has everything.

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It’s just a play on words, equating the act of “curbing your dog” (see @Darwin ) with not talking about your religion (dogma).

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@Darwin – I stand corrected. I never associated the word “curb” with that particular activity. When staying with my sister in Macomb, Ill., I used to walk the dog every morning and one day I forgot to put a plastic bag in my pocket. Of course, that was the day the animal had to do his numbers in somebody’s gateway (it was 5 am) and we fled precipitately.

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@bea2345 Good thing you fled. Neighbors can hold a major grudge over stuff like that. At least in our neighborhood.

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Seconding @pdworkin.

Most likely in your particular case, someone felt that you were justifying a point by ascribing to a belief system (any belief system) that made fundamental assumptions about the nature of what you were discussing, even though those fundamental assumptions are strictly a part of your belief structure.

For example, arguing about a program diference, w/ the assumption that Windows is better. Or arguing about abortion, with the assumption that life begins at such and such point. Or arguing about the origin of man, with the assumption that God exists. Or arguing about Obama’s policies, w/ the assumption that his overall goals are right, or wrong.

In these examples there is no winner or loser, because the discussion is happening based on entirely different underlying fundamental assumptions about the nature of the isssue that are entirely different, as they are based in different belief structures.

..your dogma is that belief structure, and the rules and attributes of it.

Thus, curb your dogma suggests that you try to set aside you’re belief structure for a minute so as to continue the conversation with a more open approach..

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Curb your dog has always meant to take it to the street when s/he needs to crap. Picking up the crap didn’t become mandatory until the 1990s. And some places still have no laws requiring owner to pick up after the pooch.

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I’d go with Evan’s answer.

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Curb Your Dogma is what I use to protest against religious encroachment upon anyone’s freedom. Great example is how the religious right often equates homosexuality with sin. It’s basically telling the religious to clean up their religious bullshit. Kind of the way you would curb a dog and clean up his/her excrement. Quite literally it means: contain your religious bigotry. I make full-sized posters with this slogan.

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