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Does anyone know of safe, comfortable, and convenient places to stay while visiting NYC?

Asked by Iwaswondering (52points) December 11th, 2006
I am seeking a hotel, B & B, or other place to stay for a week or so. It needs to be a place that would be comfortable and safe for a single woman. I can be fairly flexible as to location.
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There is the Washington Square hotel, which is very centrally located and safe.
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The Larchmont on West 11th Street is also a good place, but the Washington Square Hotel is still the best. If you're willing to use a bathroom down the hall, it's the best value in the best neighborhood of the city. But you can also look up short-term stays on Craigslist -- people leaving for a week or two vacation try to make up the rent by subletting for days or weeks.
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I've stayed at before, though it was several years back. it was cheap, basic but comfortable, and a great location if you want to be near time square and theaters.
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check out for a hotel room in nyc. I have used the site for the big apple often and have always been pleased.
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Thanks so much! I'll definitely check out these leads.
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We stayed in the Radio City Apartments. Right next to Time Square. Very comfortable and fairly reasonable for NYC Manhatten.
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St. Mark's Hotel in the East Village is a steal. Clean and very well located for the price, plus in-room bathroom. TVs have free porn - either don't mind it or enjoy!
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Thanks so much! I'll check these out.

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