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Do you accelerate after passing a speed trap on the highway?

Asked by alterego (126points) January 8th, 2008

I often see drivers slow down as they’re passing a police car on the side of the road and then speed up once they’re out of sight, presumably based on the assumption that there would not be two speed traps in a row. Is this a safe assumption? Have you ever been caught doing this?

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No but I’ve have accelerated BEFORE one on time. I wanted to see how fast I could get up to before I drove past because I wanted to see it on the display. I didn’t know what they were, obviously.

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I take my foot off the gas, as I believe there is a psychological – chase response triggered in the officers head. Meaning, if they see you slam the breaks you are way more likely to have them come after you, it’s like showing guilt from a far.

I will at times, speed up after seeing another person pulled over or seeing a accident that I know nearby police would have been called to.

But of course, I do not condone breaking the law.

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I like to see how high I can get the number, if I’m on the street I’ll turn around and keep trying until I’m bored.

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no, usually there’s later operatives who are waiting for the after-speeders.

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This is NOT a safe assumption. You may be right more times than not in guessing that there won’t be another trap. But many police agencies actually will set one up a bit further down the road now, expecting that people will speed up once past the first trap.

In ohio they actually do this lovely trick where they will have one or two cop cars drive with traffic, but maybe a bit slow, holding traffic up. The cops will then exit the freeway, and everyone speeds up and ends up speeding. About a mile down the road you end up finding a convoy of hidden cops waiting to pull over poor saps.

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In Kansas, I have seen three traps in a row.. (slow day i guess) and on the middle one, there was an officer shooting radar on a lawn mower faking that he was mowing the grass between the lanes of the interstate. JackA** got me, but let me go with a warning.

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