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How to treat an infected toe?

Asked by yoxzen (5points) July 28th, 2009

I cut inside the in-bit a little when trimming my toe nails and now it seems to be infected. It is very swollen and sore and there has been a bit of pus.

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Not sure what the in-bit is; however, I’ll take a stab at this one!

Did you clean your toe really well, after you cut it? Possibly try some hydrogen peroxide. After that, apply some type of ointment, like Neosporin – it should help with any kind of infection. If it continues, though, be sure to see a doctor – if you truly think it’s infected. That can slow the healing process. Bandage lightly, after you apply the ointment.

If you are diabetic, remember, you need to be careful about injuries (cuts) on the foot.

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try a seal salt soak. put some in some water. saturate a cotton ball and apply it for 10–15 minutes. do it twice a day for a few days. and put some tea tree oil on it as well.
I hope it gets better. I know how you feel.

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awesome, thanks! I didn’t even notice I’d cut myself for a day or so (clearly I’m not quite on the planet at present). I’ve been keeping it clean but it hasn’t been improving. So I’ll try soaking in salt water and putting something on it like betadine.

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Hope the toe feels better, soon! Those things can hurt, big time! Welcome to Fluther!

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I always treat an infected anything with a shake and burger.

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Ouch. Hope it improves quickly, and if not… get thee to a doctor!

@Sueanne_Tremendous Well hello there, stranger!

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let it get air. i had this happen to me in the past, and clean it, and then apply ice to help the swelling. when ever you can, take off your shoes and socks and let the toe get air.

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First, you call for a toe truck.


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Looks like it’s podiatry day. You have a paronychia. Treatment involves warm soaks 3–4 times per day ± drainage of pus ± oral antibiotics.

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If you start getting red streaks from the toe going up your foot immediately go to the doctor.

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Ok im going to tell you a special treatment i used to cut the ingrown nail i had. Al though, i still have the infection but no worries im already getting treated :D!. Ok, 1st) Get some salt and really really hot water. Get a bowl or soemthing that your whole foot can fit in it. Warm up the water and then put alot of salt in it but not too much. (Atleast 5–6 teaspoons.) Then start doing this treatment 2–3 times a day for half an hour. If you have to warm up the water again then do it but poor in more salt but not as much, at least 3–4 teaspoons for seconds. Drink plenty of water and do this treatment as well. Its really relaxing as well :D. And also, get some hydrogen peroxide as well. It’s pretty useful for this problem. And one warning. Do NOT under any curiosity, DO NOT TOUCH THAT TOE! You can get a very nasty and painful infection ever!! I have that but it’s not really painful, yet. But if it gets worst, they might have to yank out your toe nail! Just don’t touch it. If you see your toe getting really red or possibly black, go and run to the hospital! That can be a possibility of you having gangrene. Gangrene is a horrible thing that you can loose your toe if you have that. Anyways, if this doesn’t work, visit the doctor or foot specialist. Try to visit one of these a little more earlier. By the way, Don’t put neosporin or any other triple anti-biotics and then wrap it around your toe. It can rot, trust me… If your going to put it, your toe has to get air and don’t touch it or especially pick on it with any nail cutter or anything like that.

I hope this long paragraph of information helps a lot. Trust me that this is one of the worst things you can have. And you won’t need surgery so fast or anything and just be confident. Don’t let yourself down by saying you can loose the toe. Just follow this or if not then go to the doctor. He/she will recite you some cream or pills that will help kill the infection and the swollen places. Remember! DON’T TOUCH IT!!!!

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