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How can I print entire forum posts?

Asked by victord66 (201points) July 29th, 2009

We all belong to forums and from time to time it would be nice if we could print out just the text from each posts. Rather than cutting and pasting each page to a Word document is there an easier way?

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1) Highlight the area you wish to print.
2) Press Ctrl+P on your keyboard.
3) When the Print dialog box comes up, choose “Selection” (should be near the bottom-left).
4) Click OK, and you should get a printout of nothing but what you selected.

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Most of the current forum software these days has the option to let you print the thread your viewing. It also lays it out in a nice fashion for you using custom css.

Poke around in a thread and your should see a print option.

Some even let you save to PDF.

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If this is a vbulletin forum it should have an option called “Show Printable Version” under thread tools

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