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If my steering wheel vibrates/shakes while I am driving.. what could possibly be wrong?

Asked by photographcrash (809points) July 29th, 2009

When I’m driving my car, the steering wheel vibrates/shakes a lot. Especially when I’m driving at higher speeds on the highway or if I’m slowing down quickly from a higher speed. Any idea what might be wrong with my car?

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Could be your tires. Have them checked and rotated.
Might be your rotors.

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Wheel problems , even if its not take it to a garage to get fixed .

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It also might be an alignment problem. I think the tires are most likely.

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mine does that too. its annoying and makes me nervous. i think it might be the brakes. last year while driving across the country (different car) the wheel started shaking very bad when coming to a stop. we found out soon after that the brake pads were totally shot and we had to get a bunch of stuff replaced. it sucked.

(i know nothing about cars)

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Epilepsy. Definitely epilepsy.

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Mine does this when I go too fast. The shaking when you stop has something to do with your brakes! See a trusted mechanic soon!

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Tires out of alignment, bent rim, bad ball joints, tire rod ends worn out, bald tires, thrown steel belt, any number of things. Diagnosing car problems on the Internet is like giving a hair cut over the phone. Your best bet is to find a reputable mechanic.

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1) Wheel alignment is out
2) Loose tie rods/ball joints – serious, get car TOWED to the repair shop
3) Warped wheels. Happens with steel rims sometimes.
4) Warped brake rotors, if it happens only when stopping.

Nothing you can do on your own. Find a good mechanic.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra Would you like my number so you can give me a haircut , i am desperately in need of a trim .

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Mine does this too, probably just the tires out of alignment or something.

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See a mechanic, soon. Ich -and the others have nailed the possibilities. When you are slowing down, it sounds like the rotors. Not something to wait on – take care of this soon!

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@sandystrachan sure, but you can’t sue me if it doesn’t turn out to your satisfaction.

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Ich has it right, if your loose or bent tie rod end snaps while you are driving, you can expect to find yourself upside down in your car when the wheel comes off at any speed over 20 mph. The repair bill would be much higher then.

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What Ich and evelyn said. Your car needs to get to the shop. Yesterday.

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I’m sure the guys at Car Talk would be happy to help you with this problem.

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Along with all else is already written, have your motor mounts checked. In hot dry climates (or in very old cars) the rubber bushing often crumble/rot away and metal on metal leads to breakage.

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Vibration going fast & steady on highway: wheel out of balance, or damaged rim (dent from a pothole etc). Have wheels checked by garage, replace rim if necessary.

Vibration while braking: rotors warped, not serious, get them resurfaced or replaced.

Other possibilities: wheel bearing worn out—DANGER!—wheel could fly off while driving.

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I am considering buying an 84 MR2. It is a beautiful little classic. It looks great.. No rust.. The engine runs great. The seller replaced the tires and had them balanced and aligned. The steering wheel is vibrating when going down the road, not braking. The price is three thousand dollars. AC and radio works great. Five gears, manual transmission. The seller states he replaced the brakes and pads. Am I taking a big risk at this price?

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I have read this article, maybe a bit late but hope it can help you and everyone else when facing a similar situation.

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