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What scooter to buy?

Asked by Steven0512 (529points) July 29th, 2009

I will be driving approx. 5 miles daily 5 times a day with little or no baggage. It will be parked in downtown Atlanta, so what security items should I get? I’d like to keep the scooter under 50cc for insurance, etc. reasons. Price range is 1000–2500 and I’d prefer to buy new. I’ve looked at some Honda’s online, but no clue which one I should buy if even buy Honda.

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When I was at uni, everybody seemed to have a scooter but me. :/ There are many scooter manufacturers, but I don’t know where motor scooters might be sold in Atlanta. You definitely don’t have to get a Honda scooter, though they might be among the least expensive. Start looking here.

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