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What is the best free online credit check site?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) July 29th, 2009

self explanatory

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Everyone is entitled to a free report every year, directly from the reporting agencies themselves. If you’ve been turned down for a loan, you can get another one for free – even if it’s been less that a year since the last one. I’ll try to find you the link for the legit site in a bit.

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This is the link to the federally mandated free and safe site.

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Having worked in the Internet security industry, I strongly suggest never using any service except

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The only one you should ever use is Most of the other ones are not free at all, they trick you into signing up for a renewing fee.

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As far as checking your actual credit report… +1 to

You’re entitled to 1 free look at your credit report from the three main agencies per year. so what I do is set an annual calendar reminder for each of the three agencies reminding me to get my latest report… then I spread each one out 4 months. Thus I’m checking my credit report 3 times a year and covering all the agencies… So in Feb I’m checking Experian, in June I’m checking Equifax, and then in October I’m checking TransUnion.

Finally, if you’re interested in your credit score… you might also check out It’s free and has some interesting information comparing your information against the general public to see how you fare.

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