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How much cash do you feel that you need to get by each month (and, be happy), if you don't mind sharing?

Asked by Jude (32134points) July 29th, 2009

How much do you need to be happy? An excessive amount? Does it not take much? We’re talking food, living expenses, entertainment, education, transportation (and other miscellaneous items)..

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My neighborhood’s pretty expensive.

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Are you talking cash or do you mean monthly expenses?

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@daloon all of it. Whatever amount it is that you need to pay the bills/living expenses and enjoy yourself..

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My current take home is about £2500 a month but I am no happier now than a few years ago when it was £500 a month (no idea where i spend that extra £2000 which is a little worrying).

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Most people will say that, to be fully satisfied, they would need approximately 10% more money than they have. I can’t find the source at the moment, but I heard it in my Psychology course.

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Thousands and thousands of green people from history times.
Also known as money.

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3k USD would be cool.

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100 thousand million million million million million million million million million dollars


100 thousand billion billion billion billion billion billion dollars


100 billion trillion trillion trillion trillion dollars


100 trillion quadrillion quadrillion quadrillion dollars


maybe just googol dollars. Either amount will do

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After bills, we’re left with about $300 a paycheck, and I stick $100 in the savings and the rest goes to gas and groceries.

I’d recommend $400 a paycheck (after bills) so you have $100 to spend on fun stuff. Like going out to eat or buying new clothes.

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It doesn’t matter how much you make if you don’t manage your money well. I bring home $5,200 USD a month which is excellent for where I live but it’s never enough. I’m always digging change out of the console for cigarettes a few days before payday. Sigh.

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Whatever income I’ve made, I’ve found myself happy enough. I’ve always made do with the income, and lived within my means. I enjoy movies and plays and travel and whatnot, but I also enjoy just hanging out and reading and taking walks or bicycle rides. Mostly I enjoy people, so as long as I have friends, I’m pretty happy. Right now I have family, and that’s great for company. So I can even do without friends at the moment. The only thing that keeps me from being happy is something that…. well… I was going to say that no amount of money could help, but I think that’s not true. Money can really help you regain health. I guess as long as I have decent health insurance, I can live within the amount of money that is left over. It’s nice to have enough to buy a new computer every few years, or so. Of course, this one is six years old! My cell phone is five or six years old. I don’t own an iPod. Or an iPhone.

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