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All My Media during playback sounds like Chipmunks Singing! How do I fix this?

Asked by Rickomg (259points) July 29th, 2009

I have Windows 2000 OS and a pentium four prosessor if the helps diagnose the problem. I have tried to find drivers for it but no luck.

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it might be a setting in your sounds options if you have a realtek chip.
if so, go to control panel, double click on “sound effect manager” and click the “reset” button next to “KEY”

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Which player are you using?

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Hi there!

Seems like it could be a driver issue. I would suggest downloading Belarc Advisor, running it on your system and posting the sound card model here and we can find you the correct driver.

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When did it start? How long has it been happening?

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Could be a driver problem or a codec problem.
Here’s what I’d try. Install VLC. Play your media using it. If that doesn’t fix it, use Device Manager to figure out what audio card you have then find and install the latest drivers from the internet. Reboot.

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Remove the “Alvin and the Chipmunks” CD.

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Oh!!!! Thank you Mr Obvious! AKA JOE
I wish that were trully the situation BUt Alvin and chipmunks aren’t part of my collection.
It even plays U-tube speeded up. I will try all of these suggestions when I get home. I’ll even check for Alvin hiddin somewhere within. LOL

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On Youtube, does it also play the video fast along with the sound?

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Turn download hardware acceleration:
Run>dxdiag>sound tab>Move the hardware acceleration down a few notches.

Or it could be driver issues

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Yes it plays YouTube video Fast with sound fast as well!.

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Fast or just high-pitched? Some sound cards have hardware effects that you can apply to all output. The effects/filters are usually accessible through Control Panel or the sound card’s mixer software. These effects wouldn’t change the speed of video, though.

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