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Is there a way to reply directly to someone who has answered your question on Fluther?

Asked by NoCatharsis (207points) July 29th, 2009

I posted a question and people asked for follow-up details, but I can’t figure out how to reply to them on the comment threads. I’d like for my response to be visible to everyone.

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type @username where username is the name of the person who answered you. mine would be @se_ven

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@NoCatharsis Welcome to Fluther

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@se_ven – perfect. see…I’m responding directly to him. Also, when you type the @ sign, it will bring up a list of names, click on the name you are responding to – then just finish your reply. :)

Welcome to Fluther!

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Use @ It will list who has replied to the question.

Like @se_ven It works.

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Just like THEY said! ^^^

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When you click on the @se_ven (or whoever) link, it’ll scroll you up to their most recent post on the thread. A nice feature for religious threads when you have 6 different argument pairs.

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@Quagmire I answered before reading that part and then edited :) I’m not sure if it will show up if you select the thank username button and then uncheck the ‘private’ button

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@se_ven The “Thank (user name)” will send them a PM and it will show on their profile page. It won’t show up on the thread. Private or public just means that it’s either only visible to them or visible to everyone who sees their profile.

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Just post a comment like everyone else is doing.

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There is a big box at the bottom of every question, it is labeled ‘Answer this question’, you can click inside that box and compose comments. To reply directly to someone read the above posts. When you are finished click the ‘Answer’ button below the box and it will be submitted.

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You can either post a comment in the thread itself, or you can send those people a private message (PM) one by one by clicking on their username and adding a comment in the “Leave a comment” section. Since you want your reply to be visible, you can simply put your comment in the thread that you asked your question in, and if they are still following the question, the question will appear in their Activity queue. You can address people in your comment by using the @username convention, but this does not alert the person to your post other than adding the question to their Activity queue.

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Thanks everybody. I think I get the point. I was just hoping for a more advanced system, maybe similar to Digg’s comment system.

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@NoCatharsis Part of why Fluther is so fast and works so well is because it is simple and unencumbered.

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@se_ven , yep! When I saw your edit, I had to do some QUICK editing myself. :)

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Speaking of this I kind of wish there was a “Mentions” or “Replys” page on Fluther where you can check all your @replys and see if there are any new ones.

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@TheCreative I kind of want the same thing. In my head it would work like the “Activity for You” and the “Questions for You” and update with a little red number when there is a new one.

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@se_ven Wow thanks. This is my first day on fluther.

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