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Has anyone used the Vibram Five Fingers 'shoes'?

Asked by se_ven (789points) July 29th, 2009

I found out about these a couple weeks ago and am very intrigued by them. They are ‘shoes’ that are supposed to replicate bare feet, and some say they are better for your legs to run in etc.

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I have not used them myself, but two of my friends have, and they are very much in love with them.

I have used the Feelmax shoes, which have a thin sole, with the same idea. I found those wore out fast on pavement. Now, I just figure if the idea is to replicate bare feet, I might as well go barefeet, and do that. ;)

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I no longer run but I have planned on getting these in order to wear hiking around and maybe for river shoes too. They look super comfortable.

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I’d buy a pair. they look kind of cool lol.

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I’ve / the SO has been looking at them far awhile, and my question is: do the toes feel comfortable?
Toes are a one size fits all deal, and as I hate gloves that don’t fit well, I have a feeling that toe… compartments that don’t fit well would drive me up the wall.

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You should check out this video: Tim Ferriss knows what he’s talking about.

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I liked the look of them so much that I tracked them down and bought them.

good: very comfortable after broken in; many compliments; you can move faster than with regular shoes; vegan; good traction

bad: not at all durable; grunge will accumulate on them (perhaps my fault for not washing them enough); uncomfortable initially; less comfortable after they have passed their peak

I hope that someone copies the design (if they can legally) to allow for more consumer choice of materials, prices and so forth.

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@noelsan: you can adjust them to fit your feet. I never had a problem with this. they do take a little while to break in, though.

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I just bought a pair last week. Love them! Very comfortable and certainly “force” you to run on the balls of your feet. I recommend a break in period. I ran 4 miles back to back days and got blisters on the 2nd day. Not bad, but enough to feel them. Oh and your calves hurt but that’s because you’re actually running with good form.

I’m a weekend warrior Triathlete. I’ve done everything from sprints to an ironman and I love these “shoes”. I know based on my description above that may not sound like it, but I do. Not sure what kind of long distance mileage I’ll do in them, but so far great for short runs (less than 5 miles). As my feet and body “transition” I plan to up the mileage.

Highly recommend them!

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They look an awful lot like God’s shoes as dreamed by Al Bundy.

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I tried a pair of them on recently and they felt pretty good. I’m planning on getting a pair. I think they will be great shoes for traveling. They would make great shoes for anything near a reef or rocky rivers and I would think for climbing as well. They have several different models now and one of the things I’ve been trying to figure out is which one would be best for my needs.

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