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What is this I hear about a Thunder Cats movie??

Asked by simone54 (7629points) January 9th, 2008

Is the the real poster? It looks awful. It looks like the musical Cats.

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That’s a site of mockup-for-fun fake movie posters. Sad, though, you got my hopes up. Thundercats are go!

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Thundercats are NOT go. Did you just see Juno? She messed up the catch phrase just like that. Thundercats Hoooooooooo.

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it is in the works though for 2010! But probably without those actors in the fake poster

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Oh jeepers. I hate getting those things wrong. Are they not both used? I thought “Thundercats Hooooooo!” was the battle cry, but that “Thundercats are go” appears in the theme song lyrics. Apparently not. None of the lyrics pages I found support me. So sad to remember such a great cultural touchstone incorrectly.

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Omg that was a very long time ago for me…LoL But no, no idea sorry

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I just hope the movie doesn’t look like this

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Thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder cats!!!

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