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What are things best not done while drinking?

Asked by Dog (24703points) July 29th, 2009

ASIDE OF DRIVING- what are things best not done while drinking?

This question was inspired by another thread that went astray.

@evelyns_pet_zebra mentioned that drinking and welding might not be a good combination.

My response was that trimming hedges was not advisable to do while drinking.

What other activities might be a disaster if done while drinking?

This does not need to be a personal experience story but if it is all the better!

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Picking up the phone and dialing take out.

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Frying bacon might be a bad idea. I also think we can rule out any job involving power tools of any kind. Rewiring anything electrical should probably be a no-no as well.

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Drunk dialing an ex is not advisable.

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have you ever tried to beat off a whiskey dick?

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I once said all women are emotional. Was that ever a mistake!

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Shaving any body parts
Cooking requiring the slicing or chopping of things
Moving furniture
Giving pets a bath

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Don’t ever dance at a wedding…don’t text anyone…as a matter of fact, stay in a room with NO ouside access!!
Also, don’t log onto Fluther while drinking ;) @jonsblond said!

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Casual sex

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trying to have a conversation with your wife/husband or significant other. the truth always comes out and you WILL regret it.

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Never, under any circumstances should you visit, text, or call your current S/O’s ex!

@Blondesjon I thought it was referred to as “Brewer’s Droop” – I figured I’d leave that one to a man.

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I learned firsthand not to tune a guitar- I turned the wrong keys till I broke the E string.

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walks through a forest.. in sandals. yes, this is personal experience. shut up.

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I was helping my brother in law thin a huge tree in his yard. So we rent a cherry picker and go up with a chainsaw and rope. We were about 30 feet up and we tied a branch to the bucket we were in. The branch It was about 12 inches in diameter and very long. So we cut the branch and it falls. We almost get flung out of the basket. The rope breaks and the log destroys the fence we had built a few months earlier.

We had been drinking.

I am so afraid of heights. Even standing on a chair freaks me out.

So yeah. Be sober while removing large branches from trees.

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@amaris – Welcome to Fluther- Lurve!

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Take the SAT’s…. Cut your own hair (or anybody else’s, for that matter)....

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Setting off firecrackers, building a fire, being around to many men that look like your boyfriend, being around small children (you will only scare them) deciding to look for what was making that strange noise in the woods (trust me you will never find it and only get yourself lost) Im sure I know of others I will be back

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Don’t drink and ride. horses. har har . . .

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When drinking excessively? Picking someone up at a bar. (a possibility – think, “beer googles” being apart of your wares, and, the dreaded “coyote ugly”)..

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Surgery, jet piloting, clipping nose hair with scissors, model car assembly, choosing a long-term companion, extreme Frisbee<tm>, Scrabble<tm>, drawing to an inside straight, seasoning the chile, hewing to the line, barn raising, seduction of a beautiful brand new crush, BMX, writing term papers, learning to scuba dive, many more.

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If you’re too drunk to walk straight, anything really. Humor that involves impressing your friends and action movements usually end bad. Dealing with women is usually a 50–50 split.

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@derekpaperscissors Welcome to Fluther

I want to add jumping on a trampoline or roof pool diving.

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Doing ANYTHING you were dared to do.

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@Dog, although it can be fun…I think roof pool diving should always be a no-no…especially for short people like me haha

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I’ll go by drunk, and not just drinking..

Introducing ones self to neighbors.

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Hanging about balconies.

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Making a decision.

Visiting a piercing studio or tattoo parlor.

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One time, my friend michelle was drinking, and decided to show everyone at the party what an accomplished irish step dancer she was. and then she broke her ankle. so, my answer is, do not attempt irish step dancing while drunk.

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I thought this story was hilarious. It’s about a drunk naked man that got stuck in a dryer. No kidding.

I suppose it’s a bad idea to drink and do laundry.

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@photographcrash Welcome to Fluther

Scavenger Hunts.


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My first thought was to say hunting, because I don’t want to be near a loaded gun when the person holding the gun has had a few beers (and is trying to shoot at stuff that moves). But come to think of it, beer and hunting are such a common combination (at least in my family) that it really doesn’t seem that dangerous to me.

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Anything to do with power tools is out.

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@aprilsimnel Some kid from my school before died this way.
@Dog thank you :)

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Whitewater rafting class V rapids.

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Ordering music from amazon or iTunes.

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@simpleD Wish I could give you double lurve for that one. Every song I hated is my favorite if I drink.

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Oh, I don’t know, probably everything.

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@Dog . . .I didn’t know you were Australian.

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Emailing, texting, or even calling someone you might be upset with. Almost always end up feeling like an idiot and regretting it.

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@Blondesjon I am? How did I become an Aussie?

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let’s see..more drinking, texting, driving, calling people, confronting people you dislike, confronting your boss (no-no!), doing drugs, walking outside, being in public (when you’ve had WAAAYY too much)

I’m trying to think of good things to do while drunk…

having some trouble here

I don’t know about you guys, but I really would only trust myself to sit, talk, and eat while I’m drinking. Nothing more. And my Blackberry shouldn’t be in my hands.

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Car surfing… long story.

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Run around your college campus naked, try to baseball slide on the front lawn, break your nose on a sprinkler head, and have campus security take you home. Totally happened to a friend of mine…not me.

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The thing that you should not ever do drinking:- is edit your wedding tapes to make them more interesting
(Cause they ain’t)

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invite ex-boyfriends round…

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Well this is ironic…

Last night in my town, some teenager drowned in the lake. He was out drinking heavily and partying with friends on a secluded beach. The water wasn’t that very deep but it was filled with nasty weeds and other plant life. The guy must have gone in a bit while drunk and got tangled in the weeds and drowned, according to police and such.

It’s really sad and ironic that this happened just yesterday, when this question on fluther popped up.

So, I re-iterate again…swimming while drunk is not advisable. Be careful! :(

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trying to play basketball
playing guitar
playing poker
attending AA

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Participating in a pumpkin carving contest while also wearing your costume. That being said, I didn’t really feel the cuts on my hands till the next day…

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Job interviews.

Meeting the significant other’s parents.


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