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What is the best new indie band of 2008?

Asked by DieAlone (32points) January 9th, 2008

Definition of new: They have 1 album and it came out in 2008 OR they have no album, but it will come out in 2008. Bonus points for not being your band. ;)

It’s been 9 days… where is all the new talent?

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The Virgin Tongues is supposed to come out with their first album in mid June. They are not really indie—more like the Velvet Underground but they do have a few indie songs that they play at concerts only

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MGMT (but I think there album is already out)

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While I cannot provide it, I am VERY interested in the answer.

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MGMT is good. I really like Fleet foxes. They just released an EP on Sub Pop, and the remind me a little of Band of Horses.

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She and Him (aka Zooey Dechanel and M. Ward)

Never heard of MGMT, but will check them out!

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Bon Iver. For sure. His album was written in a cabin in Wisconsin during the dead of winter and the feel of the music tells it.

Try to read an article or two about him (specifically in Paste Magazine). That’s a link to the article!

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though I don’t keep up with such things really, I urge you all to check out Prince Rama of Ayodhya, whose first release did come out in 2008.

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Vampire Weekend, but i love MGMT and the others mentioned

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Los Campesinos! they had not 1, but 2 albums come out in 2008. and who can not love a band who has a song titled ”This is how you spell ‘HAHAHA…we destroyed the hopes and dreams of a generation of faux romantics!’”?

no one

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