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What trail running shoes can you recommend?

Asked by derekpaperscissors (626points) July 29th, 2009

I’ve used up my old pair of Merrel mid-cuts and I think I want a lighter shoe that could still survive the trails either with trail running or when carrying loads around. Durability and Lightness are good factors to look for. Mid or Lo Cuts ideally and I’m overpronated, if that helps.

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The best thing to go is find a running store that will put you on a treadmill and watch how you run. You shoe selection should be made on the basis of how you move your feet, not the recommendation of other people. Different shoes compensate for whether you pronate, need a larger toe box, have higher arches, etc.

Fit, not brand, is the primary consideration.

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I swear by New Balance. I can’t recommend an exact makes, but their trail shoes are comfortable and durable. I found other brands broke down too quickly or had weird things that I couldn’t feel in the store, but made running uncomfortable.

You can usually find a good price at any of the big department stores.

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The ones I am using are Asics. I have not had good relations with that company before, but these shoes seem to be holding up well and meet the requirements you mention. I truly prefer Saucony but couldn’t find a trail runner from them (I’m in Australia)

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DO NOT BUY NIKE! Their running shoes do not hold up. I always end up with bits of molded plastic coming off.

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@swuesquire True. Nike isn’t as durable. But performance has been okay. At least as my basic running shoes.

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I bought the Montrail Streak for my bf. They were super light for size 14s, and ultra comfortable. My next pair will probably be Montrail.

I have gone through several pairs of Nikes, New Balance, Adidas…Nikes suck. New Balance good for running. Adidas was the most comfortable – still have my last pair (4+ years old now) because even though they are slowly falling apart they are still more comfy than my newer Nikes (2 years old). I’ll never buy Nike again.

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I can’t imagine a more comfy shoe than New Balance.
I got mine on Ebay. They sell wides, also.

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@lilikoi – Years ago I loved Nike, they were really the first to produce a running shoe that I recall. But I agree, now they are more of a fashion statement than a quality shoe. The athletes who wear them must have theirs custom made, I can’t believe they are wearing the crap that we would buy in a store.

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