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What was the most memorable/informative course you took in college?

Asked by ohmyword (608points) July 29th, 2009

Maybe it was a course you took purely for pleasure or maybe it was the course that decided your major. Which course had the most impact on you in your college career?

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Logic/Philosophy. It was incredibly easy, and yet still educational.

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@Zendo I second that.
I’d add sequential art since it basically was all about comics. Our prof gave us tons of reading material, he even gave out cds and dvds full of digital copies. And he suggested a lot of obscure material depending on one’s interests. There was also a mini-library in the Fine Arts department. Then, we had to make our own comic. Pretty fun and educational at the same time.

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@derekpaperscissors That sounds like an extremely fun class.

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I majored in economics, but my most memorable class was astronomy.

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As a biology major I took 19th Century Russian Literature which compelled me to take a course titled Dostoyevsky as Philosophy led me to Existentialism, with, of course, a strong connection as Dostoyevsky is recognized as the founder of “modern” existentialism.

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It was History of Art, and Sociology, both taught by the same teacher, a short but highly energetic Filippino with an enormous brain filled with lots of knowledge about anything. He was many things, including a former actor and director, and he’d make even the hardest and most boring lessons sound like fun, jumping around the classroom like a jester. Everything sounded so simple, and the world made sense all of a sudden. He’s taught me a lot, and it helped later in life.

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I was a meteorology major, but I took an art history course which focused on art from pre-historic to about 1100 AD. It was amazing. All it was was slides of all these different works of art, but the best part was that my professor took every single one of those pictures. The inside of the Great Pyramid: he was there. The caves of Lascaux: he was there. Etc. It was one of the most difficult classes I took, but I’ll never forget it.

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The class that I feel like I learned the most from and still use today was a New Testament Bible class. There was also a great Humanities class that introduced me to a lot of clasic literature. That still influences me today as well.

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Philosophy, which often turned into debate.

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Probably a conservation biology class or Symbolic Logic.
Or “Small Watercraft Operation” I figured I needed to take one class that I could use to fall back on to become a pirate if the whole me becoming a scientist thing doesnt work

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Forensic Anthropology. SO. MUCH. FUN.

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So far, German. I’ll be taking Logic this upcoming semester so we’ll see how that works out, I hope @Zendo and @derekpaperscissors are right.

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@Sarcasm If you’re into figuring out stuff. Or aren’t the type to give up on a problem like this , then you’ll be fine.

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@benjaminlevi Maybe you can get to be an exchange student in Somalia too haha

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@derekpaperscissors Nah, I was thinking I’d go for someplace in South America.

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So far? Cultural Anthropology. It was far more interesting and informative than I expected it to be, and it was my favorite subject. I plan on taking more classes.

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Photographic Imaging 111

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My favorite fun class was The History and Styles of Rock. It was an easy A. I informed the instructor at the end of class one day that when he had said, “This is The Kinks. Enjoy,” he had actually played Van Halen. I knew more than he did, and he claimed to have been “there.” ...Wherever “there” is…
I also really enjoyed the class I took on the King Arthur legend. Fascinating stuff. The story has been retold for centuries with characters suited to the time and location.

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Logic. Although, taking a western civ class along with one of my geography courses in the same semester proved to be very enlightening.

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Stupidity @ Occidental College
Most fascinating class ever

No, really, it exists:

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Wilderness Survival. Talk about a bad ass class. I can now survive in the middle of no where for a week with not much more than a knife :)

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