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I really like this site but apart from yahoo are there any other good ask a question sites?

Asked by mickeytwist (16points) January 9th, 2008
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Find a interests/support message board for the particular question you want answered.

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what about and there is a chnnels named “know”,but what you need basic is that you must understand chinese

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Nope, this one’s the best.

jrpowell's avatar is really good. But, it cost 5 dollars to join.

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If you want to ask questions on the go, there’s – it’s a text message based system, you text in a question and you’ll receive texts when people answer you.

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The Linked in “Answers” section ( is pretty good—significantly better than Yahoo answers, particularly regarding serious/business matters.

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Qunu used to be an interesting concept but seems to have died a slow death…

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Not really a question site, but Wikipedia has a Reference Desk that’s really good – you will always get some sort of answer there

actuallery's avatar but it also has a lot of dating add-ons that is annoying.

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