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What is a good free iPhone app?

Asked by mattesse (54points) July 30th, 2009

I like to use the utilities on the iPhone and I enjoy the free ones, which ones are the best?

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depends on what you want it to do. i really enjoy Last Call,whiteboard, USA today (if you dont get the paper), White Pages, Darts, Dictionary, and 9-toolbox. and for fun, Paper toss is kinda addictive.

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The most handy one I have is “Remote”. I have a Airport express hooked up to the stereo upstairs. I can use my iPod Touch to change what my iMac is playing. So I can play anything without going downstairs.

I’m helping my neighbor build a fence right now. iHandy Level is actually really helping.

And I am a big fan of Flashlight. It kicks ass when the porch light is off and I need to put the right key in the lock.

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Fluther (Some days I tend to be biased) =]

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ohmigosh! i completely forgot remote! i 1000000% agree with johnpowell. remote is so amazing. I prolly forgot it because as i was strolling through my ipod touch, i didnt see it as i moved it to the hot bar. soooooooo handy.

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I love midomi. I just sing a little song into the phone and midomi tells me who sang it for real. I can carry a tune, so it’s usually right. I’ve sung off-key just to see what it would come up with, though, and that’s good for a laugh.

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Shazam is amazing. If you hear a song on the radio and don’t know who/what it is, it can tell you 98% of the time. I use it when I’m driving so I can remember it for later and go check them out. (kind of like midomi, but a little different – you don’t have to sing, especially if you’re like me and can’t carry a tune)

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KJV Audio/Text Bible, it can be downloaded freely full or just network option where you have to have internet to hear the audio while you read. I preffer the full version downloaded since there are areas with low receptions sometimes throughout my areas of travel. The download is a 30 minute long one but its worth it to have .

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Agreed with @row4food Shazam is by far the most incredible free app I’ve downloaded.

Others I have installed include:
* Amazon Kindle – buy anything from the Kindle Store, and read it on your iPhone. No Kindle device needed!
* Bank of America and Chase mobile apps, to pay bills, check balances, transfer money, etc
* MLB At-Bat Lite – live updates of scores and standings for Major League Baseball games
* Social networking apps like TweetDeck, Facebook, Linked In, and AIM
* Shoutcast – listen to internet radio (like Live365) on your iPhone

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My favorite free apps are:

- Facebook
– UrbanSpoon (to help pick places to eat – also hooks into a map)
– The Weather Channel
– AroundMe (I travel a bit for work & this app helps me find coffee shops or particular stores – big help)

And for free games..
-reMovem (dot game, fun)
-SolFree (free Solitaire)
-Labyrinth LE (Free edition of labyrinth marble/maze game)

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@aprilsimnel Am I missing something? In the AppStore on my iPhone, Midomi is $4.99. Was it free when it first came out or something?

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Oh, wow. I went on a spree when I got my iPhone. I could be mistaken!

Well, then, my favorite free app is Lose It! It really helps me keep track of my calories going in and out.

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WSJ and NYT apps. Keeps you up to date with anything you need to know about the world. Good fuel for starting conversation at work.

Stanza is good b/c you can read booooks on your phone! I’m reading 1984 now, and nothing as silly as Amazon will snap that away from me.

SnapTell is also a fun parlor trick. Take a picture of a book, and BAM, links to Amazon etc. etc. Sort of like Shazam but for books / dvd covers etc. Good for price comparisons.

Amazon’s native app also has a similar function last I checked. It’s disturbing. Took a picture of a generic looking salt and pepper shaker, and the next day got a link to the corresponding entities on Amazon. I hear they’re crowd-sourcing this feature.

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