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Quickest route Austin -> Beaumont?

Asked by rhodes54 (415points) July 30th, 2009 from iPhone

considering traffic and construction on a Saturday morning; 290 OR 71 to I-10?

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290 looks like your best bet—you’re going to go through Houston anyway (going around would add a lot of time, given road speeds), and 290 is the shortest way to get there (and has less traffic than 10).

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I disagree with barumonkey. Whenever I travel Austin to Houston I always take Hwy 71 -> I-10. 290 has a lot more stop lights and if it’s in any sort of rush hour you’re totally screwed. I lived in Austin 5 years, and now I live in Houston, so I’ve taken both routes numerous times. Beyond that, I-10 is the way to go from Houston.

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