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No Scope help for cod4?

Asked by kyle94481 (214points) July 30th, 2009

I seem to be having trouble “no-scoping” with snipers like the M40AO3 using the “G-shot” method, can anyone help me?

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Don’t know what sort of monitor you use but I know a lot of people will take a really small piece of tape and stick it directly over the crosshair then use a sharpie or something and put and even more precise dot on that. Also take into account latency may be messing up your shots.

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@Syger true, but usually I have a perfect connection.
I see what you mean though

PS: I play on an Xbox.

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so basically there is a guy named zzirGrizz. he’s like one of the best No Scopers i’ve ever seen. He has a tutorial, and a montage. His Video is both combined. The tutorial part starts at 5:22 in the video. What he tells you to do is have the M40A03 and have steady aim (duh, it’s hip-fire). When you locate your target, you move either left or right, and then back again. The crosshairs will separate as you move, and when you move back of the enemy you stop, and RIGHT as the crosshairs come back to the center position you fire. The video does a better job of explaining it, and it also has him in action for the first half. It’s pretty great!

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I recommend creating a private match with one or a couple of your friends and agree to play snipers no-scopes only. Shipment would prob be the best map to do this on. I did this a few days ago 1 v 1 with a MLG guy, sure I got owned most of the time but in the end my no-scoping was much improved.

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Thanks everyone! I’ve seen zzGrizz’s tutorial/montage and it helped then as well as now, if only my friends had cod4…

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