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Why does tv lie soo much ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4402points) July 30th, 2009

It just said there are NO homosexuals in Pakistan , thats a blatant lie there are homosexuals everywhere in the world . And maybe beyond this can’t be the only place to have people that are gay

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Because Eastenders is fiction.

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What? You think reporters aren’t as lazy as anyone else? They quote sources without looking to see if the sources are credible all the time. TV lies because people can’t be bothered to investigate anything so they can find out the truth.

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@Avinite I have heard it other places not just Eastenders , there was something last night on sky tv about it also .

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The TV didn’t lie, the person reporting that fact lied. What was the context? Was it presented as fact, or as fiction? On a news program, or part of a prime-time show?

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Where did you hear this? What channel or program? “The TV” is not a source.

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Last night it was a docu-soap thing , it was a Pakistani family being followed by cameras . The person with them was gay , and asked about how they saw gay people .

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@sandystrachan: In that case, you may want to rephrase your question to be something like:
– Why do people lie so much? or
– Why do people state their ideas as fact without researching them? or
– Why is gay awareness still an issue in Pakistan?

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Generally, everybody lie. Some lie to get attention, lie to protect oneself, lie to protect others, lie to avoid facing the facts. But one thing I am sure for certain, people who lie and make others suffer is unforgivable.

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Did it happen to be Fox News?

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If the person answering honestly believed that to be true, then it’s not a lie. It’s wrong, but it’s not a lie.

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TV is entertainment. Any TV show can be as flexible as they want when dishing out the “Truth.” It is your job to recognize the lies. Good luck. With so much entertaining lying going on, it is hard to the truth.

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TV tells you what you want to hear. You basically do not want the truth.
It also expresses the needed direction of the story.

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The person who made the comment on the show is gay? Then it sounds to me as if he probably meant that the people who rule the country and the Taliban do not recognize homosexuality as a fact of life, not that there really is actually no homosexual people in Pakistan.

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