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How can I make my blog like this?

Asked by jambon_777 (37points) July 30th, 2009

Like this blog. I can’t find that layout for my tumblog. Were can I get it?

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Theme based on iNove by mg12. – Thats what is says on the bottom of the blog page.

Here is the link to the iNove template. But theirs is highly customized from it.

I nove is the 3rd one down.

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Wow that theme does look very different. Is there any way I can get the brightkite layout? Like view source code or something? I’m using tumblr for my blog

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You can try by viewing the source and grabbing the css and javascript files. Then putting them in place of the others in the standard iNove template.

Unless you know html and css pretty well it could get very messy.

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Aww I have no experience in HTML or CSS. Grr

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If you’re using tumblr, you wouldn’t be able to adapt a WordPress template for it v. easily. I remember working with some tumblr code, and ummm, that wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. If you really want something like that, try asking! :) Even if they say no, you can also double back and see if they’ve found any well-designed templates in their quest for theirs.

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