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Where can I find cute snow boots?

Asked by lep33 (9points) January 9th, 2008
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I know it sounds weird, but the main fashion thing this winter over here are the snow boots from the Australian company named UGG´S. Never knew it was this cold in Australia…
Other than that, there´s a hype around these things! Every girl I see walks by wearing them! So google a local e-store for ugg shoes.

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I love my UGGS, 3 yrs old. You have to wear them w/o socks and amazingly, they can be washed. Hype in US is over, but they still work and are comfortable. No really effective snow boot is “cute.”

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Despite all my wishes for the opposite, Uggs are back in this season.

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I’ve found that Zappos has the biggest selection and they’ll overnight them to you for free.

They’ve got a decent selection of all weather boots in right now, depending on what your taste and budget is. Take a few minutes and scroll through these:

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zappos has great reviews and descriptions, but is not always the cheapest place to purchase shoes. if you find something you like, try looking for a cheaper price on:

i’ve ordered from both sites and zappos several times. i’ve never had a problem with the items, returns, security, or service. good luck!

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Uggs are still very popular. But whether or not you find them cute is a matter of opinion. Either way you can find out more about Uggs here:

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