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How much does it cost to backpack through Europe for about a month?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34570points) January 10th, 2008

i was thinking about going on an adventure about 6 months from now and wondered how much money i would need for such a thing. I would be planing spending not too much money by staying and hostels and such.

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which countries will you be and thats different cost in different country i believe

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i did a bit of travelling thru europe recently and borchet is quite right to say the selected countries make a huge impact on price. if you are price conscious you would be best to aim for eastern european destinations such as Croatia, Hungary etc and perhaps the baltics like Estonia, Ukraine. Having sampled a bit of western and eastern europe though i’d suggest if you are looking for quintessential europe experience that you look into the train passes that suit your itinery or if you are not fussed on solo travel you could consider the busabout variety of travel which is mainly landmarks and cheap beer.

I would allow 40–50 euros a day if you are really tight – make your own breakfast, lunch and have cheap dinner, stay in hostels, avoid high-cost attractions, not doing much overland travel/flying. A comfortable amount would be 60–70 euros.

The best way to keep costs down and enjoy your trip is to minimise how much you try and see. It’s easy to look at a map and decide you want to see everywhere but to actually get to know the culture and the people allow at least 2 weeks per country.

Hope that helps.

Also for cheap flights consider Kayak

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I second Croatia and Hungary. My boyfriend and I went to Europe last summer for a month and those places were definitely the cheapest (though if you go in summer, hostel rates go way up—everything does really, so the best way to save money is to go before the peak season). I don’t remember what we spent per day, but you can find cheap hostels all over the place, though they might not be in the best locations. And there are always pizza places and gelato to sustain you. It really depends on what kind of food you plan to eat, how much you plan to drink, what kind of transportation you want to take, etc.

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