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How can you wash fruits and vegtables naturally?

Asked by wlc (39points) July 30th, 2009

I want to wash my produce with more than tap water. I’ve heard of using apple cider vinegar. Has anyone used this? Do you spray it on or submerse produce and let it soak?

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This source suggests vinegar is best:

“Previously, they (America’s Test Kitchen) tested vinegar to remove surface wax and pesticides but wondered about its efficacy in destroying bacteria. They tried four different methods to clean apples and pears and left one batch unwashed. Batches of fruit were rinsed under running cold water, scrubbed with a brush, washed with the vinegar solution and washed with antibacterial soap. They then took surface samples and grew the bacteria in petri dishes. The results were interesting.

Cold water rinse removed only 25% of the bacteria.

Scrubbing with a brush removed 85%.

The vinegar solution removed 98%.

They did not give the percentage for antibacterial soap but it was slightly better than the vinegar solution.”

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Yes! After cleaning (bleaching and rinsing my sink. I use ¾ cup of cider vinegar and fill my sink half way, I let them soak for about 15 minute. Pesticides dirt and all yukkie stuff is gone!!

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i use water

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Well, surface pesticides, anyway, @sccrowell. Not necessarily the ones that got soaked in through the roots of the plant.

When I worked at the grocery store, we used to sell spray bottles of “Organic Veggie Wash” that people really thought washed off everything and made the vegetables and fruits “organic.” Not so much.

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