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Does anyone else find it creepy when men refer to themselves as 'daddy' to their partners?

Asked by RareDenver (13168points) July 30th, 2009

I hate it when you see childless couples refer to the man as ‘daddy’, it’s just fucking wrong !!

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Oh, so very much. It bugs me even when women do it to men. Gross, gross, gross.

Nothing like institutionalizing the power imbalance in a relationship. And let’s not even go down the incest path.

Ugh. Note: I feel the same way about Mama. I am not your Mama.

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Ditto everything @Marina said. I would probably shudder mentally if I heard it happen.

It also made me wonder why it’s not creepy to call someone “baby.” I mean, it technically means infant, which is very odd, but many more people use it than “daddy” (ugh) or “mama” (also ugh). Hell, I have been known call people I’ve dated “baby” and don’t think twice about it.

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I think mummy is worse. (That is when a man uses it)

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The words “Who’s your daddy?” never leaves MY lips!

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I really hate it. My MIL & FIL do this and it creeps me out, every time I hear it. I’m his wife, not his Mama…he’s my husband, not my Daddy.

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Yes, way creepy.

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Beyond creepy, whether the couples are childless or not.

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I think it’s a bit weird when couples, childless or not, refer to the male as “Daddy.” It’s just very odd to me… and creepy.

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Although it’s funny when I see that Tex Avery cartoon where Cinderella or Red Riding Hood or whomever sings that song about how her daddy had better get the best for her. OK, it’s more that “the wolf as increasing erection” trope is funny.

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So weird, and so creepy.

One of the very LAST things I want to think about when gettin’ it on is my dad.

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Well poo on you guys! I refer to my husband as Daddy pretty much all the time. I call him a shortened version of his name when I want something, and a different version when I’m bitching. lol
My son sometimes calls my husband by his first name, and we’re trying to curb that. He has also starting calling my father “dad” and my mother “mom” (well, he refers to any woman but me as “mom” and I’m “mommy” or “deedee.) So, yes, I refer to my husband as Daddy, not usually in a sexual manner, so I don’t see what the problem is.

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Ooohhh, NO WAY! That’s way creepy for me. And I hear married couples with kids call each other ‘mom’ & ‘dad.’ We’ve never done that & never will. He’s my HUSBAND, not my dad. And I am certainly not his mom!

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When talking to one of my children, I’ll refer to my (ex-)husband as “Daddy”. Otherwise, ugh no.

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It is SO creepy! It makes my skin crawl when couples call each other Mama and Daddy, Ma and Pa or any other variation.

I do call my husband Daddy when I am talking to my daughter or if I’m talking to him about something to do with her while she is in the room. Otherwise, he’s his real name.

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That is just creepy in a disgusting way.

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I’m with @casheroo. It doesn’t have to be creepy/gross. It’s not when it’s done for reasons like she mentioned. My mother’s parents called each other “Mom” and “Dad” for the rest of their lives after they had kids, even when their kids were all grown up and moved out and had kids of their own. But I don’t think those are the kind of circumstances the question is talking about.

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@MacBean I was beginning to feel like a leper! lol My parents call each other by nicknames, I guess it’s just normal to me. My father is Poppy, and that is what my mother called him well before my son came along…but that is now what he refers to my father as

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Eh, it’s a matter of preference. Most people who actually get off on stuff like that are doing so because it’s sick and dirty and wrong. That’s the idea. Women usually (unless you’re dealing with real freaks here) don’t actually think of their fathers if they’re into it—it, again, is a taboo, which makes it appealing to certain people.

Sometimes it’s kinky roleplay and sometimes it’s simply a power dynamic. Either way, just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean something is inherently wrong about it. It just happens to be something you don’t enjoy, and we all have our kinks.

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I like it when you call me Big Poppa…

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I have heard that some women(subconsciously or not) go for guys that remind them of their father. Sooo….yeah. Daddy issues maybe?

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I call my husband daddy when talking to my children and he calls me mommy.

I think we do it because we are so happy to be parents.

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My parents call each other Ma and Pa. We call them that as well. My son calls my husband Daddy and me Mommy. My husband and I call each other Ma and Pa too. When all the family is together and I call out “Pa!” from another room, both my father and husband reply or look at each other and wait who would reply first. Hilarious. I try no to do that and look for the “Pa” I was calling for. Sometimes, when I’m too lazy, I just call out my husband by his first name. It’s kind of common from where I come from to call your special someone such (or other endearing names). But I don’t see myself calling my husband Daddy in a sexual manner nor do I think I’d be sexually turned on if my husband says “Whooooo’s your Dadddddyyyyy?!” So far, he has never tried saying that. Thank goodness If he did, I might not be able to stop myself from saying “Definitely not you. Duh.” and eventually hitting him on the head too…

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OKAY, maybe I misunderstood this question?

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@rowenaz – Yeah, I think the OP means it in the “I like the way you call me Big Poppa” sense. Which is kinda squicky. I personally don’t need a daddy, thanks. I’m grown.

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That is a bit creepy.

I prefer Master or Lord.

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Whenever it’s used in a sexual manner, yes, I think it’s absolutely disgusting and creepy. If my partner ever asked me, “Who’s your daddy?” during sex, not only would the our session be over, but he’d probably come out of it with a black eye.

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I had a man ask me to call him daddy once. Weirdest thing ever.

I agree with @casheroo about referring to the parents mommy and daddy in front of your kids. My parents did it, I will do it, my friends do it; it isn’t sexual.

Buuuut I don’t like the idea of calling the man I’m intimate with “daddy” or whatever…. way too weird. I’ve only got one daddy and he’s not a sexual being, in my opinion.

also, @ABoyNamedBoobs03 I think I’m in love

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@shipwrecks think you’re in Lurve, you mean? ;)

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 yes, Krull the lady destroyer, I lurve you and mittens haha

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I call my man “doctor.”

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@shipwrecks I had a guy do that, and he liked baby talk. That sexual relationship ended quickly. lol

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@shipwrecks lol saddest part, actually had a girlfriend that called it mittens, always sounded like a cat name to me… drove me nuts.

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@casheroo YES! So did this guy! He liked talking to me like I was a baby, and liked me to talk the same way.So strange!! He turned out to be really creepy and he stalked me a little when I broke things off. :(

@ABoyNamedBoobs03 well then, Dr. Cox? Is that better? Ha.

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@shipwrecks very much so. Or if it suits you he will also respond to “Captain Insano”

small note: I’m obsessed with scrubs…

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 i lurve scrubs, too, brown bear

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Sleezy too!

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@shipwrecks lol I like MochaBear the best.

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