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Would submitting both the ACT and SAT be more helpful than summitting only one of the tests to colleges?

Asked by cbloom8 (1718points) July 30th, 2009

I’m looking to raise both my ACT and SAT scores (or just one), and I was wondering if it would be helpful if I submitted only one test or both to colleges this fall. If I submitted one, I would submit the higher score, but would it be even more effective to summit both? Right now I have a 28 (ACT) and 1770 (SAT), but I’m hoping to raise one or both of them to a 30–32 and a 1900–2100. Essentially, one test or both? (Also, most of the colleges I’ll apply to will be in the Northeast.) Thanks.

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Send the one you scored best on (the SAT carried more weight 40 years ago…I don’t recall even taking the ACT).

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Talk to your college recruiter for the best approach. It varies with the different admission policies and they will be able to guide you.

Edit: Some students are hiring agents to get them into college.

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Getting into college is easy….It’s gatting out that’s tough.

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Generally Midwestern colleges put more stock in ACT, and coastal colleges are into SAT (although there are some exceptions; you should look at the colleges you are applying to and see what they require). Taking both just seems cruel and unusual.

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Which ever test meets the college requirement first, send it. No need to waste money on the other.

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It makes no difference which test you submit. I tutored a girl (from San Francisco) who went to Harvard and put only the ACT on her application. My advice to you is the same advice I gave her: pick the test you’re better at, study for that, and submit only that. You’re wasting your time if you submit both. (I think the ACT is a tiny bit easier. Not to mention shorter.)

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I took both, sent both to a couple schools, but sent just my SATs to most as they were much higher (ate mah wheaties)

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I highly recommend sending both. First off, take BOTH exams. Although the SAT seemed easier for me, the ACT scored out better for me. By sending both scores, you’re giving the admissions office staff two options, which is obviously always better than just one.

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First, look at the colleges you want to apply to. The SAT / ACT scores are essentially used to see if you’ve reached a basic score competency. See what their average SAT or ACT score is, and stop testing and submit the one that gets you above that benchmark. (Or gets you into a scholarship / advanced / honors program etc.)

Sending both scores (when they reflect a similar level of standardized testing acumen) is a bit like flossing your teeth twice a day. You need to floss daily, but you’re just wasting time flossing more than once.

If the rest of your application is inline with your SAT or ACT score, then admissions officers are neither going to penalize you for not taking the other test nor give you a cookie for submitting two high scores.

Really, admission officers know that standardized testing is flawed (even though it’ll help its ratings). You’re better off focusing your time on drafting the essays and getting recommendations from your teachers.

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