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What's a good way to level an air conditioning pad?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) July 30th, 2009

There’s a concrete pad under the air conditioning condenser outside and the pad has sunk into the ground a little, leaving the condenser a little lopsided. Any tricks for raising the pad a little and leveling, without renting a crane to lift the condenser while I get under there and put some sand/stones under the concrete pad?

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Maybe like a small wooden board to even it out?

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You could try a crowbar/lever method, or maybe find a pad jack (looks like a tiny car jack) at the hardware store.

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Just lift the low corner and stick a shim in it.

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You’re talking about a central AC unit here? If so, then I would have to say there’s probably no DIY solution. I don’t know much about AC condensers but would a lopsided condenser cause problems?

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I think the crow bar method would work, but ou’d lneed a really long, very heavy duty steel bar, and you’ll have to put somethign sturdy under it to get good lever action. Once you have it up, you can simply shove bricks or other flat sturdy stones under it. I’d find some really strong friends to give you a hand. Once you get it up, use a carpenter’s level to make sure you are as level as possible.

The condensing unit on any AC unit (or even a fridge) can handle some angle, but I know when you move a fridge, and you have to lay it down, they say to not plug it in for at least 24 hours to let the oil in the compressor flow back down over the moving parts inside.

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You could also consider a tripod type car engine hoist. Use it with a thick piece of wood to avoid breaking the concrete pad.

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