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What kind of bug makes that buzzing noise?

Asked by CodexNecro (211points) July 31st, 2009

I’m not sure how to describe it any better than that, but I always hear it in the summertime. Its a really loud, really annoying buzzing noise. Anybody have any idea what it is?

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Locust, maybe?

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Much appreciated.

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It depends on where you live, and if you hear the same noise every summer. Another possibility is crickets, flies or grasshoppers. Here are some sample sounds you can check against. Here is the cicada.

It’s a shame you find it annoying. I love that sound.

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Also, depending on where you live, might be a frog. When I lived in Georgia, we had tree frogs in the back yard that made the most incredible noise.

Probably not a buzzing, however =)

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Not a mosquito flying by your ear all night, right?

It sounds like crickets. I like to hear that because it means it’s summer and the windows can be open without an AC on. It’s also very calming – to me anyway.

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Cicada/Locust same family of bugs – one is a big green grasshopper looking creature with clear wings under it’s green top wing – you often see these on your porch or walking on a screen door in the porch light at night like a giant grasshopper. The rhythm of their buzz is similar to the cricket though much louder. The Locust is more rounded with short legs and clear wings and has a much more steady sound with longer bouts of buzzing in their rhythm

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@Marina I love the sound of cicada too. It finally feels like summer to me when I hear them.

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Well I live in Rhode Island, we have frogs around here down by the rivers but I know their sound. The sound I’m describing seems to be coming from the tops of trees, and is longer and steady. A cricket’s noise is short and quick, but repeating.

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I hate that noise!

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Longer & steady sounds just like Locusts to me – I grew up in the country so it’s a rhythm I’m used to

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@CodexNecro that’s the cicada, also erroneously referred to as locusts. I like it when they come out of the ground as alien looking larva, stop a few feet up the side of my house, and then molt to become the big green bugs that make that noise. I found one last year in mid-molt and got some really nice photos.

It’s amazing how loud they can be. If you don’t like them, get some squirrels, they love to eat them.

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definitely cicada’s, they’re awesome!

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