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Music Perfection, am I alone?

Asked by crunchaweezy (1733points) July 31st, 2009

I love acquiring new dance/pop/hip-hop music daily, and obviously I manage them in iTunes. I must have album art for every track (3500+) and proper tags, album, artist, genre . If a song is 160kbps or lower I have to find a higher bit rate of that song. If a song doesn’t have a cover and I can’t find a good one on Google I must create it myself from using images of the artist.

Am I alone? Or are there other nuts out there like me organizing their music to perfection?

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I’m with you

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I’m with you as well.. Also, I always pay attention to capitalized words such as a little t in the in the middle of the title :-)

It just looks so much prettier will all the arrangements!

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Yes it does ! I also have my own tagging scheme :P for example

Enjoy the Silence (Workidz Remix) [feat. For the Masses]


The song title, if it’s a remix it goes in parentheses, if there is a second set of text, I put them in brackets. I try to keep out the “featured” out of the artist name because it messes with the sorting when I browse by Artist.

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@crunchaweezy Exactly! Me too xD

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Yup. I’m the same. Took me a month of work for 2 hours every day organizing my MP3s, fixing the tags, finding the art and so on.

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It also kills me when I get a song somewhere (friends, web) and it’s labeled:

kISs from a Rose – seal in the freaking name field >:[

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Totally. All of my songs have the right tags, cover art, and most have lyrics. I’m such a loser.

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I don’t really use album art, but I always make sure to have the right genre, title, artist, album, and of course, I never settle for anything below full quality sound.

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Oh my crazy, thats me. You are me. Exactly. I love you.

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Oh My Gosh. there seems to be a few of us. time for a secret society i think???

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