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How to delete all Emails from Yahoo Inbox - at once?

Asked by trustdoc7 (3points) July 31st, 2009

Unless I’ve missed something you can only delete a max of 200 messages at a time… At the moment that means I would have to do it over 500 times!!!!
Hope someone can help with this.

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Yikes. I would just sign up for a new one and start fresh. And next time don’t allow so much time to pass in between e-amil checks.

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If Yahoo had a way of deleting ALL inbox emails, this would never have happened..
But of course you can’t tell/help yahoo with anything. Reminds me of Ebay and paypal.

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You could use WWW::Mechanize to do it. It is a PERL module. But that is like fishing with an atomic bomb.

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Forget about that one and get a Gmail account.

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Instead of using the check box method, try clicking on “More Actions” then “Select All Messages” and then try deleting them. What happens? The most I’ve ever had in my inbox is about 1200 (thanks to mod e-mails) so I’ve never actually tried this method.

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How to delete all mails from Yahoo Inbox emails with just two clicks.

If you are using yahoo mail classic then follow these steps to delete all of

your inbox mail with two clicks. This may also work for yahoo mail plus, I am

not sure, but you can try it. Yahoo is currently

using two graphical user interface for Yahoo Mail. The Yahoo Mail Classic

and the new version “All-New Mail“. If you want to delete all messages

from Yahoo Mail inbox, you must switch to the new version of

Yahoo Mail.

1. In Yahoo Mail Classic somewhere in the right side is a link that says “try

the new yahoo! mail” Click on it to switch to the new yahoo mail.

2. Click on the check mail and when the page loads click the very top check

box under the word delete and that will select all of your inbox emails.

3. Then click the Delete button and all of your emails in the inbox will be


I know it works because I just did it on my sister’s account. She had 10600

emails and all of them were deleted when I clicked the delete button.

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This video tutorial is very helpful for both New and Old Yahoomail account holders. You can delete all your old emails in few steps.

You may want to check out. The link is given below:-


Hope that is helpful.

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