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Calorie total of a Subway Meal?

Asked by davem410 (16points) July 31st, 2009

Does anyone know the calorie total of the following meal from Subway:

12” Subway Club on Wheat, with Pepper Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Hot Peppers, Salt, Pepper, Oregano, Reg Mustard and vinigar (no oil).
1 bag of Lays Salt & Vinigar Potato Chips
1 Large Diet Coke

My brother eats this EVERY DAY for lunch and I want to let him know how bad it might be for him. Thanks.

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On their website is a section for nutritional information.

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When you go and buy a sub, look at the side of the cup.

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Really? You didn’t try Google or Subway’s website, you thought somebody on Fluther would know the exact calorie amount of that meal?


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A lot. Not to mention the spectacular salt content.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities, your avatar’s face nicely matches the attitude of your response :P

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The secret behind the Jared ad campaign was that he always ate the lowest calorie choices like turkey and he used low calorie condiments-no mayo. He also walked more than a mile each way to the store.

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You can look up all that information on their website, then it’s simply a matter of adding them up.

Judi's avatar has a lot of this info.

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Well, there goes my “occasional” Subway. Too much carbohydrate. But the salads are OK.

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It’s the dressings that kill you!

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Since he doesn’t put on any mayo, it isn’t as bad as it might be. The chips need to go, and he would do better drinking water or lemonade or even Sprite. Diet Coke has too much phosphorus in it. He might also take a look at the amount of salt and preservatives he is consuming.

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Actually, compared to other fast food, your bro’s not doing that bad.

Have him swap out the club for the healthy turkey and ham one on wheat, hold the mayo and the cheese but stay with the oil and vinegar and maybe add a few extra veggies like bell peppers or olives.

Get rid of the chips and the diet coke (bottled water instead?) and it’s a fine meal. Deli meat still has a bunch of sodium, but this is pretty decent.

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You can get just the vinigsr without the oil too.

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its a pretty high total. If you notice on those napkins, they list the amt. of calories of some of the subs…but that is only for a 6 inch. So you have to double that amount. I do not know the exact amt. for a 6 inch of that sub, but it’s around 320 calories. So for the sub itself = lets say 650 calories. Then you add the chips…even though it’s a small bag, it loads close to 300 calories. So now you’re at 950 calories. A large coke loads a lot of calories because of all that sugar. So you’re looking at 250 calories for that too. Your total is well over 1,000 calories = 950 + 250 = 1200 calories.

This is a rough estimate, but it’s certainly close to the exact amount. Hope this helps!

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Oh, i did not take into consideration that it is a diet coke. Considering it is diet, there are supposivly 0 calories…but still 1,000 calories is not out of the question. It is in the 900–1000 cal range. Now that is half the amt. of calories recommended in an entire day! And that’s with only 1 meal!

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You are right @Facade the footlong turkey breast and ham sandwich contains an astonishing 6 grams of salt, more than your recommended intake for the entire day.

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