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Can you really get in trouble for removing mattress labels that say not to remove them?

Asked by beatthelastboss (286points) July 31st, 2009

These are also on hair dryer cords and some other random places:

“Warning: May cause electric shock.

Do NOT remove this label”

I am scared the label police will come and get me as soon as I peel the stupid thing off!

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Those are for the stores. They’re the ones who aren’t legally allowed to remove the labels. You’re allowed to do whatever you want to your own mattresses.

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No. That’s for the companies that manufacture and sell the product. It’s illegal for them to remove those labels because there wouldn’t be a proper warning for the customers who bought the product. @Sarcasm beat me.

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@Sarcasm Thank god, that thing is really uncomfortable, I have left it there for a while XD

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The label usually also says “unless you are the consumer”. It is perfectly fine to remove any label from any possession you own. Just be careful in ripping it off, sometimes they sew the label into a seam and it can rip the seam open.

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did this make anyone else think of peewee’s big adventure?

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Yes. There are label police waiting outside your door right now!

Just don’t plan to sell the mattress or the hair dryer once you have taken the tag off.

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@dynamicduo Nopes, mine just said what I typed, but tailored to matresses, not hair dryers :)

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This question reminded me of a scene in the movie “Fletch” where Chevy Chase identified himself as a member of the Mattress Police.

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YES. And the mattress police will be coming around to your home soon.

Oops. You beat me to it @Bluefreedom. I failed to read yours before posting…

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I always wondered about this…until one day, when I actually removed my mattress tag in a fit of impulsive organization. And then I couldn’t return the mattress when I realized it sucked (it sank in the middle). They couldn’t return it to the manufacturer without the extremely important tag. I remember thinking, I am so glad I did that except not.

The moral of the story is don’t remove the do not remove tag unless you know you want to keep your mattress forever, or you have an urge to enter the black market for the reattachment of “do not remove” tags

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There is a special prison, near Area 51, just for people that remove mattress tags. You do not want to go there. People have been put in that prison and never seen again.

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There are eleven people waiting for a needle on death row after having convicted of feloneous tag removal.

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