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Do you care about your Twitter followers?

Asked by takeitez (7points) July 31st, 2009

Lots of people care about having high follower counts on Twitter, but does anyone care about WHO follows them? (Aside from those private souls who lock down their twitters, of course.)

Do you prune your follower list?
Does it matter to you if a spammer follows you?
If a stranger follows you, do you check his/her profile and consider blocking them?

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I just went through my list today, and saw some porn spam. I block them when I notice, but I don’t go through the list often. I don’t care who adds me, but I’d rather not have spam.
I am wary of opening up a random persons twitter, I have a fear of getting a virus that way (is that even possible??)

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I don’t use twitter so much because no one I really know uses it. I can’t get interested in it, it’s weird.

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I am one of those private-souls-who-lock-down-their-Twitters simply because I don’t want everyone on the planet to be able to know what I’m doing when I’m doing.
I’ve had requests from strangers who want to follow me (that sounds creepy, way to go Twitter lingo) and accepted, so I guess I’m not too picky. On the other hand, I’ve also had to block people who continuously PMed me like full blown creepers.

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No. I hate it when strangers follow me.

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I don’t care at all unless I know the person—spammer or not. I don’t even block spammers unless it gets ridiculous.

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What is a twitter?

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I don’t care because I don’t have a Twitter account.

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I would care if I had anything interesting to say. Considering I’m just a normal person with a very dull life there’s not much to read unless someone is interested in something like, “Hey! I can update Twitter on the toilet with the PSP!”

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Sounds like stalkers.

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I traveled over to Twitter out of curiosity, and instantly knew that I was not of twitter caliber. Over my head completely.

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I talk about anything, I don’t care who sees it, and no I don’t care who follows me. But when it isn’t obvious porn spammers…. I kinda wonder why they bothered. I’m not that relevant to their life. :P

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@mrentropy: Interesting, you’d bring that up.

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I care who I follow but could care less who follows me. just need to keep the signal to noise ratio in good standing

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My Twitter is public, but I get an email every time I have a new follower. So, I always check the account. If it’s spammy or pornish I block it immediately. Generally speaking I’ll let a stranger follow me if it looks like a real person. I do remember an exception though when there was one guy who was only following girls with attractive pictures/avatars.

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No, my twitter account is private. I have like 1 follower. Twitter is pointless unless you are using it as a host to say log the location of your phone every 10 minutes or use it to shutdown your computer remotely.

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I don’t really keep track of how many followers I have, I just try to make my Tweets as interesting as possible.

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I typed in “Twitter”, was on the homepage, and thought it was really stupid (not saying anyone with a account on it is, its just not for me). I have heard alot about it, the idea seems alittle silly.

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Twitter? Isn’t that the sound birds make? Why would I care who is following the birds?

The iPod was created by the Devil, and he uses it to steal your soul. Twitter is just one more high-tech app to confuse you and draw you down into the depths of Hell in your unnatural lusts for high tech gadgetry.

I will pray for you all.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra So, you’re on Twitter? :)

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@evelyns_pet_zebra what does Twitter have to do with iPods?

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@chyna, nope, twitter is evuul, I tell you, pure eeeeevuuuuul!! ::::makes the sign of the cross::::

@styfle heck if I know, I prefer to stick with my steam powered computer, the one where I have to shovel coal into the back of it to keep it running and a phone with the dial thingie numbered 1 thru 9.

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