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How much money can solar power save you on energy costs?

Asked by miltonandmichele (19points) January 10th, 2008

I’m always looking to save some money…especially now that the twins are coming. Are solar panels worth getting?

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I’m interested in an answer to this question as well. Solar panels are expensive to install and I was wondering if they are worth it.

But if you are trying to save money on energy, I highly suggest unplugging all electric appliances when not in use. Appliances like TVs, microwave, cell phone charger, even when turned off, are still using power. It’s annoying to have to unplug/plug all the time, but the savings on your bill can be substantial.

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@js1220 is right, conservation is probably a better route for cost savings than installing solar panels if you have to choose one or the other. Of course, installing solar panels and conserving will save more energy than either one by itself!

One thing I found interesting when I moved to New Zealand is that all plugs here have a corresponding switch. That is, you can turn off a wall socket at any time. Pretty handy.

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a lot of money, my very environmental friend :))

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I’ve heard that if you need to re-tile your roof and you chose to do it with solar panels instead of bog standard tiles, the government will stump up a huge chunk of the cost.
Worth investigating i think.
Will post more when i have a link and some actual facts

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