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Do water bags like Platypus or Camelbak leach the same things into water that Nalgenes do?

Asked by darwinsbulldog (103points) December 11th, 2006
oh, say it ain't so!
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Any plastic container is going to leech something into your liquid.
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Indeed they do, the rate of leaching increases with age and wear. Hard creasing of any plastic will release chemicals at an even higher rate.
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don't know if anyone's following this link anymore, but this question, listed in "Siblings" got me curious. i hunted around and found a straight-forward article on the topic. it's surprisingly non-alarmist. still think i'll avoid plastics...

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Anyone know of an alternative to plastic pouches that isn’t plastic? I would love to find one but I don’t think it exists. I do have a metal water bottle, but the pouch is very convenient for long hikes or bike rides.

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I think CamelBak brand tubes and bladders are supposed to be lined with polyethylene which is supposed to be a non leaching plastic. (I think).

I don’t know much about plastics and leaching, but my girlfriend and I both drink at least 1 32oz nalgene bottle of water each day, so we started using the HDPE bottles instead of the more common Lexan bottles which are supposed to be worse.

I’m interested in this also.

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