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Can you grow a bonsai apple tree?

Asked by Mrgelastic (508points) August 1st, 2009

I have a friend who is interested in bonsai growing and he wanted to do some experimenting so is it possible to grow a full blown apple tree?

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The problem with a fruit tree is that it wouldn’t bear fruit, If I remember correctly my dad had to graft in order get fruit, fruit trees may also grow too quickly but in theory you shoud be able to miniaturze any tree by controlling root growth and correct pruning.

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Me, personally? The only thing I can grow are weeds.

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If you question is really is it possible to grow bonsai fruit trees, the answer is yes

@AC And what, sir, are you doing with your crops after you grow them?.

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Eating them if that possible

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@Marina- Pulling them out. These aren’t the kind of weeds that would excite Pete.

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Yes, but it takes so very many of their fruit to make a cobbler.

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